Monitored since

September 2011

Year of birth

Approximately 2003


Male A (kitten), Male B (kitten), Mion (daughter), Charade (daughter), Burnt, Tronchito (son), Tyto, Xereta (daughter), Shaka


Male A and Male B (2010), Mion (2013), Charada (2014) and Xereta (2016)


Yes, in 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018

Received radio-collar?

Yes. VHF technology


Troncha is synonymous with resistance. She displays all the signs of advanced old age, with her extremely worn and yellowish canines, other missing teeth, a missing portion at the end of her tail, and worn ears. She constantly appears on several of the trap cameras, and has always been very strong and slender. She has never been habituated as she is extremely shy and does not like the presence of the nearby vehicles. The team reveres her greatly, and out of respect only monitors her movements through the trap cameras

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