Our Work


Onçafari Social interacts directly with the local communities within which our projects operate


We supply uniforms, books and teaching materials to students and teachers, and give presentations on the possibility of pursuing careers that offer upward social mobility. We have also provided some maintenance assistance to local schools.

Local Communities

We provide occasional medical and dental services to various communities. We also offer sterilization services for cats and dogs on selected associated ranches.

Garden workshop by biologist Stephanie Simioni

The Aprendizes da Mata project seeks to discuss the relationship between human health and the health of the environment, teaching ecological and low-cost practices that young people can implement in their communities.

Aprendizes da Mata project Image Gallery

Pemega, Perigara?

The project “Pemega, Perigara?” is developed with approximately 100 indigenous people from the Boe Bororo people who live in the Perigara Indigenous Land (TI) which covers 11 thousand hectares, one of the five TIs of the Boe Bororo people in Mato Grosso.

The Pemega, Perigara? project Image Gallery

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