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Our Story

Onçafari was established in August 2011, when the co-founder and creator of Onçafari, former Formula 1 racing driver, Mario Haberfeld, began his work at the Caiman Ecological Refuge (CER).


Aug. 2011 – Start of the Work

Onçafari becomes active in the Caiman Ecological Refuge.

Oct. 2011 – First Radio-Collar Necklace

The first radio-collar necklace containing a GPS tracking device is placed on a jaguar by the Onçafari team. The team names this jaguar Chuva, which means “rain” in Portuguese.

Jan. 2012 – First Cub

The first jaguar cub is born within the Onçafari project.

May 2013 – First Lair Found

Onçafari locates their first lair of the jaguar in the wild, where they discover three cubs that they name Ypy, Savanna and Gaia. The mother is named Esperança, which means “hope” in Portuguese – she is one of the female jaguars already monitored by our staff.

Jun. 2014 – Little Jaguars Rescued

After their mother suffers a fatal accident, the baby jaguars, Isa and Fera, are rescued and sent to captivity.

Jul. 2015 – Start of the Rewild Pantanal

Isa and Fera are transferred from captivity to the reintroduction grounds in the Caiman Ecological Refuge. There they commence training towards eventually being returned to nature.

Jun. 2016 – Back into Nature

After approximately a year of rehabilitation, the gates of the enclosure in the Pantanal are finally opened. Isa and Fera are allowed to go free, into nature.

Jun. 2017 – First Year of Freedom

Isa and Fera have successfully been reintroduced into the wild. Both are doing very well and now living as wild jaguars. They continue to be monitored by the Onçafari team.

Aug. 2017 – Two Little Jaguars Rescued and Taken to No Extinction (NEX)

Two little jaguars are found in the Amazon, rescued and taken to NEX, a feline sanctuary, to be rehabilitated.

Apr. 2018

Isa, one of the original sister cubs reintroduced to nature, gives birth to a cub, Aurora.

Jun. 2018

Fera, the other sister cub reintroduced to nature, gives birth to two cubs, Céu e Ferinha.

Jul. 2018 – Start of the Rewild Amazon

A new stage begins in the history of these little jaguars. They are taken to the enclosure built in the Amazon by Onçafari to be rehabilitated and successfully returned to nature.

Aug. 2018 – Start of Work in the Cerrado (Inn Trijunção)

The expansion of ecotourism and science begins in another biome, the Cerrado. The focus now is on studying not only jaguars, but also maned wolves.

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