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By donating to our cause, you are helping to maintain the vital work of conservation of Brazilian biodiversity and social development.

The environment is currently at its highest alert for danger; it is estimated that more than one million species are at risk of extinction in the world. The time to act is now.

Donate and help us conserve the largest cat in the Americas – the jaguar – and the entire ecosystem in which it lives!

Our institution is non-profit, so we rely on donations to maintain our operations.

When you donate, your money is used for:

Purchase of monitoring cameras (the trap camera);
Maintenance of the vehicles we use in the field;
Purchase of GPS radio-collars for monitoring jaguars and wolves;
Construction of new enclosures;
Buying medicine for the captures;
Maintenance of the team of biologists;
Veterinarian maintenance;
In addition to the above, your generous contribution will go towards the many daily expenses for the maintenance of this conservation work. Our work is already being performed in four Brazilian biomes.

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