Our Work


The objective of Onçafari Education is to raise awareness about the importance of preserving biodiversity through lectures, field activities, events, and assistance in recording films and documentaries.



we promote lectures on environmental conservation to children and adults in the communities where Onçafari is situated.


we introduce Onçafari to the employees of partner companies, engaging them in the supported cause.

Schools and Universities

we lecture in Brazilian and foreign educational institutions in order to educate students about environmental preservation and the work of Onçafari.

Fairs and Events

we educate the general public about our activities and their importance for biodiversity conservation.

Field Activities

In the communities that rely on the presence of Onçafari, we perform fun-filled, outdoor activities with children (using plaster footprints, for example). We also take residents on wildlife watching excursions, presenting to them the same encounters experienced by our guests.


Onçafari offers the benefit of its expertise and field staff to assist film and nature documentary crews with their recordings of jaguars and maned wolves in the biomes in which it operates.


We hold events with the objective of spreading information about the work of Onçafari and raising funds for the Onçafari Association.

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photo: Edu Fragoso

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