Monitored since

April 2013

Year of birth

22 April 2013


Theorem (mother)


Theorem (mother), Xavier, Garoa, Brutus, Sombra, Divisa, Flor, Chuva, Zico, Apache, Juju (daughter), Felino, Isa, Esperança, Shaka, Pinche


Juju (2017)


Yes, in 2015


75 kg

Received radio-collar?

Yes. GPS/VHF technology


Nicknamed Nusa, Hipotenusa is the daughter of Theorem and sister of Pythagoras. The team has monitored Nusa since the age of four months, and has been fortunate to be able to track her maturation process over the years. Until she became a mother in 2016, she was always very playful and curious, after which time she became more cautious and protective of her cubs

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