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19 de outubro de 2022

Wildfires disproportionately affected jaguars in the Pantanal

The Pantanal wetland harbours the second largest population of jaguars in the world. Alongside climate and land-use changes, the recent mega-fires in the Pantanal may pose a threat to the…
19 de setembro de 2022

Epidemiological compatibility of Amblyomma sculptum as possible vector and Panthera onca as reservoir of Cytauxzoon spp. in Midwestern Brazil

Cytauxzoonosis is an acute and highly lethal tick-borne disease of wild and domestic cats, and is widely distributed in Africa, Asia, Europe, the USA and Brazil. So far, only two…
29 de agosto de 2022

Collaborative behaviour and coalitions in male jaguars (Panthera onca)—evidence and comparison with other felids

Most large felids are classified as solitary species, with only lions (Panthera leo) and cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) exhibiting social, collaborative behaviours. Herein, we present evidence of the formation of male…

foto: Edu Fragoso

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